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You’re a warg, Bran. It’s in your blood.

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"Stark, Tyrell or Lannister, it doesn’t matter. Sansa is growing strong, while winter is coming, and soon they’ll hear her roar."

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You’re stronger than you know.

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gryffindor | ravenclaw | slytherin | hufflepuff

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GOT Meme
↳2/2 Outfits: Margaery Tyrell in season 4

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Through the House of the Undying Ones and What Daenerys Targaryen Found There. ( Part I

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lets play a game called “where the fuck is the next button in this theme”

that’s my second favorite game after “no, wait, THIS is the tiniest font i’ve ever seen”

And right up there with those two is the “am I going blind or is this dark purple type on a black background?” game.

Brought to you by the creators of “where is the pause button for the autoplay music”

Featuring “how the hell do I Reblog this”

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